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Master List Of UX/UI Resources


Coverr: Free stock video.

FilmSupply: Cinematic footage licensing.

Freepick: Free photos, vectors, and mockups.

Pexels: Free stock photos and videos.

Picjumbo: Get full images collections for more consistency in your stock images.

Pixabay: Free images, videos, and sound.

Rotato: Multi-device Mockups. Only works on Mac. Create 3D mockups.

Shotstash: Free HD stock pictures. Free stock photos. New images added daily.

Stockvault: Free images, textures & illustrations.

Unsplash: Free stock photos.

Video Creation Show off your app in 3D videos.

Icons/Background Patterns

Flaticon: Free vector icons. Animated icons as well.

Get Waves: Create your own fun shape dividers instead of just using Salients shape dividers.

Haikei: Create background visuals. You can customize them pretty well.

Lordicon: Library of animated icons.

PatternPad: Get patterns in PNG, SVG, or JPEG. Flexible Icon Family. SVG’s Available.

Shape Dividers: Even more fun shape dividers to add to any website.

Super Designer: Create patterned backgrounds. Both png’s and custom CSS available. Let’s you create a background, customized to the colors you want, that are a bunch shapes. Good for adding background textures.

useAnimations: Animated icons in lottie framework.


Shapefest: free library of 3D objects.

Spline: Design your own 3D objects.


Blush: Customizable Illustrations.

DesignStripe: Illustration library, you can customize the illustrations to make them more or less complex and then adjust the colors. Free illustrations, from images of people doing things on plain backgrounds to fully detailed background of environments.

Humaaans: Illustrations of people you can customize.

Ira Design: Customizable illustrations.

Scale by Flexple: Royalty free vector illustrations for commercial use.

skribbl: Hand-drawn illustrations.

Story Set: Fun illustrations of people, like the ones you see on tech sites. Free illustrations to use in your next project. Available in PNG and SVG.

unDraw: Open-source Illustrations.

Color Palettes

Color Hunt: Generate harmonious color combinations.

Colormind: Website specific color palettes with suggestions for font colors to make sure your text is readable.

ColorSpace: Generate several color palettes from one color.

Huemint: AI color palette generator. AI color palette generator. Start by picking your favorite colors.

Tint and Shade Generator: Generate tints and shades from one color.

CSS/JavaScript Resources

Glassmorphism CSS Generator: Just copy/paste the code to get a glassmorphism look on your elements.

Fancy Border Radius: Lets you make your borders into funny shapes instead of just squares.

Magic Pattern: CSS Background patterns.

Neumorphism: Generate CSS for a neumorphic shape.

Animated CSS Backgrounds: This is what I used as a reference for the floating circles on my homepage background.

Transition CSS: Create CSS transitions.

Fun Button: Get the CSS for a cool, custom button.

SVG Backgrounds: Get CSS for backgrounds, you can also download the backgrounds as SVG or PNG.

CSS Box-shadows: A wide variety of shadows you can copy for your elements. Opensource CSS to style buttons, checkboxes, toggle switches, cards, loaders, and inputs.

UI Buttons: Over 100 buttons styles. Just copy the CSS.

Data Visualization

Flourish: Make 2d and 3d graphics to display data.

Untools: Make charts for decision making.


Type Scale: Find a good way to scale up the size of your font.

Good Line-Height: Find the right line height for your typescale.

Microcopy: Search for great slogans, headlines, notifications, CTA, error messages. Any short copy you need.

Fontsquirrel: Tons of fonts for you to use. Some free, some paid.

ADA Compliance

Color Contrast Checker: Check if your font color and background have enough contrast to be ADA compliant.

Material Design – Color Tool: Make sure your color palettes and UI are accessible. Gives recommendations for font color on your background colors.

Site Speed

TinyPNG: Compress images in PNG, JPG, or WebP format to reduce their file size.

Shrink.Media: Smartly compresses and reduces image dimentions.

Mockups Vector device mockups for Sketch, Figma, and XD. You can only get 50 downloads for free.

Devices by Meta: Free images of devices to use for your mockups. Free mockups.

Justinmind: Alternative to Figma. Free prototyping tool for UI and UX design.

Screely: Turn screenshots into browser mockups.

Userflows: Create user journeys for your mockups.

AI Tools AI-powered writing. You get 2,000 words per month for free. Upgrade for more.

Deep Image: Upscale images, remove artifacts and increase quality.

Designer: Create social media posts and stationary easily and quickly with just a few text prompts. Generates highly optimized, quality SEO content.

Gamma: Give a prompt to the AI and it will make powerpoints for you.

Hotpot: AI graphics, AI writing, and AI game tools. AI content generation. SEO optimized content.

Let’s Increase image resolution without losing quality. record meetings, takes notes in real time, generates an automated summary to share about the meeting.

RYTR: AI writer. 30+ languages. Blogs, emails, social media ads, landing page and website copy.

Tokee: AI that generates a YouTube thumbnail for you based on your script. Let’s you upscale your images by 2x without loosing quality. Free.


AnswerThePublic: Enter in your keyword and see what questions people have about it.


Befront: Learn design skills through practice. From beginner to advanced.

Calculate Stuff: Find any type of calculator for any need. Health, financial, etc.

SEOptimizer: Get a detailed SEO report.

UI Guideline: UI components handbook. Guide to the standardized design of certain design components, like contact forms.

Miro: Create flowcharts. Great for plotting user flows.

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