Project Overview

Community of Hope International is a nonprofit organization that provides medical care to people in developing countries. They have been traveling around the world for over 5 years, providing free medical care and raising awareness about their cause.

Big Red Jelly was approached by Community Of Hope International in May of 2022 with a request to rebuild their website to accept donations and post blog posts about the trips they take.

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Online Donations

A donation portal was set up directly on the website so donors could give directly through their website instead of having to use a 3rd party platform. The donation portal was customized to their specific branding, so it looks professional and welcoming.

The checkout process is simple, and once the donor has completed their payment, they are redirected to a thank-you page where they can print off a receipt or email it to themselves.

Community of Hope International can easily manage their donations directly in their dashboard.


The Community Of Hope International blog has two functions: to share important news, and give info about upcoming trips.  The blog includes a search bar, so people can search for important trips, if they want.

The blog posts also come with some buttons in the bottom right corner that give the reader the option to share the posts, further spreading the word about Community Of Hope.

Mobile Optimization

The site needed to be accessible to anyone, on any device. So it was built to look and function great on any screen size.

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