Mid Peninsula Dental Specialists is a dental clinic that offers a wide range of services, from teeth cleaning to root canals. The clinic wanted to introduce their services to new patients, and make it easy for existing patients to schedule appointments online. We created a series of pages for each service, with detailed descriptions and images. We also created online forms that enabled patients to easily request appointments online.

Mid Pen Dental Copywriting

Copywriting & Pages

Each service and specialty has its own page, with content created by Big Red Jelly’s content writer. After the content was approved, I took it and laid it out in a way that was easy for their customers to read and understand.

Online Forms

Instead of having to call the office, patients can easily request appointment online or fill out their contact form if they have any questions. Each page has at least 1 button that links to the “Request Appointment” form, so it’s always easy for patients to locate.

Lead Capture

To encourage more people to come in to their office, a lead form was set up on almost every page. This particular form encouraged people to reach out to the office with the promise of a special deal.

Mid Peninsula Dental Site Speed

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